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The Flying Horse

Studentcafé "Het Vliegende Paard" (The Flying Horse) is a bar that you can visit almost anytime of the day, every day of the week. The cafe has over 80 different brands and types of beer. The Flying Horse has cheap meals available for international Windesheim students for when you don't feel like cooking yourself. We are the place for students, so feel welcome and you will meet a whole new family of students and friends here!

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Affordable food & drinks

The Flying Horse is the place in Zwolle where students gather to drink, meet, dance, attend cultural activities and parties. But aside from that, every day between 5 pm and 8 pm you can also get a decent meal here.


We respect your wallet, because for only a few euros we’ll place a nice hot steaming meal in front of you. There’s plenty of variation on our menu: from Italian to Asian food and from meat dishes to vegetarian salads.

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Host a private party

Do you have something to celebrate? Your birthday, graduation or you simply just want to throw a party because you feel like it? At The Flying Horse the possibilities are endless! We have several bars available which all have their own atmosphere. And the great thing is: it’s totally free! We don’t charge any rent for the bar area of your choice!


Contact us by phone or just walk inside for more details. (We all speak English.) We are sure we can help you out.

Check out this impression of our venue or follow us on Instagram @ Het Vliegende Paard

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