Flying Horse Menu

Every day you can eat healthy and tasty food at The Flying Horse. Our menu is suitable for your wallet! We regularly change dishes, so keep an eye on our Facebook page or ask one of our bartenders for new meals.

Toasted bread

With aioli | three euros

Nachos De Luxe

cheddar | sour cream | paprika | red onion | guacamole | five euros fifty cents


tomato | chicken | vegetable | three euros fifty cents

Pulled pork

bread | salad | barbecue sauce | six euros fifty cents

Chicken saté

Rice or potatoes | salad | prawn crackers | seven euros

Half a rooster

Rice or potatoes | salad | seven euros

Vegetable noodles

Green curry or teriyaki | veggy or chicken (additional one euro fifty) | seven euros

Pasta creamy pesto

Sour cream | green pesto | veggy or chicken (additional one euro fifty) | five euros fifty cents

Poké bowl

Salad | avocado | loads of healthy stuff! | veggy or chicken ((additional one euro fifty)) | seven euros

Lasagna bolognese

With salad | six euros


chili garlic or oyster sauce | rice | vegetable | six euros


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