About us

Studentencafé Het Vliegende Paard (The Flying Horse) is the cafe where you can go at almost any time of the day. Every day of the week. The cafe with over sixty types of specialty beers, with tasty and affordable student meals when you do not feel like cooking. Here you will meet a whole new family of students.

Whether you come for a cup of coffee while studying or party at night out till the sun comes up, Het Vliegende Paard is where you should be during your stay in Zwolle.

Contact information

Adress: Voorstraat 17-19
Postcode: 8011 MK
City: Zwolle
telephone number: 038 - 422 43 77
E-mail: info@hetvliegendepaard.nl

Opening hours

4pm - 1am
4pm - 2am
2pm - 2am
2pm - 4am
2pm - 3am
4pm - 4am
5pm - 1am

Student meals

Het Vliegende Paard is a the place in Zwolle where students gather to drink, meet, dance, attend cultural activities and festivals. But aside from that, you can also get a decent meal here. We respect your wallet, because for only have a few euros we'll place a nice steaming meal in front of you. There's plenty of variation on our menu: from Italian to Asian and from meat dishes to vegetarian salads.

What is your cheapest meal?
Every week we serve a different student meal for as low as €3,-!

When can I order a meal?
We serve inexpensive meals every day of the week between 17:00h and 20:00h (5pm - 8pm).

We don't have a fixed menu. Our menu changes from week to week and from season to season. At 17:00h we will put up a chalkboard behind the bar with all the meals you can order that day. Don't have much money? There will always be a meal for only €3,- on there!

On tuesdays, thursdays and sundays you can order a €6,- pizza; Domino's Pizza bake them, we serve.

Your own bar for a party?

Do you have something to celebrate? Your birthday, graduation or simply because you feel like a party? At Het Vliegende Paard the possibilities are endless! We have several bars available which all have their own atmosphere. And the great thing is: it's totally free! We don't charge any rent! Contact us by phone or just walk inside for more details.

Even more info about us

'Het Paard', as your Dutch friends call us, is a student café. And therefore has a lot to offer, such as beer. Yes, there's a lot of beer in Het Vliegende Paard, not just the famous Dutch beers as Heineken, Grolsch, Brand and Amstel, but also more than sixty specialty beers. Every Monday night we sell those specialty beers for prices as low as €2.50.

However, a student is much more than someone who drinks beer and occasionally picks up a book. The 'new' student will want to graduate sooner or later. Visiting Het Vliegende Paard every day does not seem possible. But spending every day alone in your room with your laptop, a pile of dirty dishes and a desk full of work to be done is not an option. There must be a pleasant place where you can relax.

Het Vliegende Paard is that place. You can go there every day. If you're stuck on your studies, you can drink a cup of coffee. You'll get your second cup for free. If you get a flash of genius, there's always free WiFi. In the evening, when you don't want to cycle to the grocery store, you eat a tasty, healthy meal for upwards of €3.-! We'll do your dishes!

But that's not all, we offer much more. Every night there is something to do. Sunday night you can wake up at the mind bending pub quiz. Every Tuesday evening you can get a bit crazy on the dancefloor. Everyone can request their favourite guilty pleasure songs. More of a live music fan? You should come by on wednesdays as every week we invite local bands and artists to perform on our tiny stage.

On thursdays we do cocktail nights. Order a Sparkling 43, Split Love, or any other cocktail for only five euros. Every Friday we have a different party: More Flavour, Day Off, In The Mix. In short, young musical talent Zwols make themselves heard behind our DJ booth. And Saturday, that day needs no explanation, it just Party Hard Day!